Parent Infant Program – The River School

For parents and their young children (birth – three) with hearing loss

Using Transportation to Target Listening Skills

Children with hearing loss who are learning to listen will progress through four stages of listening development. An understanding of these stages will empower you with the ability to provide your child opportunities to practice and develop their listening skills.... Continue Reading →

Halloween Fun!

Halloween is such a fun time for exploring new concepts and activities with your little one. Here are a few ideas of fun ways to celebrate and explore at home! Halloween Fingerplay Rhythm, rhyme, and repetition are the 3 Rs... Continue Reading →

Summer Fun!

With summer quickly approaching many families are wondering what to do to stay busy with their little ones, or how to embed listening and spoken language strategies into their busy summer schedules. Here are some ideas to get you started!... Continue Reading →

Water Play!

As the weather warms up, there will be many days you'll want to spend time at the pool, in the sprinklers, or even at the beach. You might be wondering about how to manage your child's hearing aids and/or cochlear... Continue Reading →

Auditory Closure

Auditory closure is when you pause in a phrase, song or story to let your child fill in the blank. This helps your child learn to listen to clues to help them figure out your message. This skill will help... Continue Reading →

Rephrase, Repeat, Expand!

Your child is beginning to use their words and tell you what they want—how exciting! Now is the time to foster your child’s development of language as they are gaining confidence in their voice. Here are some tips and tricks... Continue Reading →

The Auditory Sandwich

One of our favorite resources is Boys Town National Research Hospital. The "Hearing Services" section of their website has a lot of great information about developing language skills for your deaf or hard of hearing child. The information below about... Continue Reading →

Getting Out the Winter Wiggles!

It isn’t fun being stuck indoors during the winter, especially when you have active little ones who want to be on the on the move! Sometimes it helps to think outside the box and find ways to make being inside... Continue Reading →

Noisy Toy List

There are some toys out there that are so noisy that they can cause additional hearing loss or can be painful for your little one to hear. Check out the Sight & Hearing Association's Noisy Toys List 2021 shown below. It lists popular... Continue Reading →

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