Parent Infant Program – The River School

For parents and their young children (birth – three) with hearing loss

Becoming an Advocate & Educating Others

Whenever your child enters the care of someone else, it is your job to provide that person with the information they need in order to best care for your little one. When your child has a hearing loss, it is... Continue Reading →

Facilitating Friendships

From infancy to toddlerhood, you have the unique opportunity to provide your children with experiences that will enhance their social skills as they grow. Making eye contact, taking turns, and identifying emotions are the first steps for building friendships. Here... Continue Reading →

Rephrase, Repeat, Expand!

Your child is beginning to use their words and tell you what they want—how exciting! Now is the time to foster your child’s development of language as they are gaining confidence in their voice. Here are some tips and tricks... Continue Reading →

My Family & Me

With springtime holidays such as Easter and Passover quickly approaching, visits with close and distant family members are common. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain to family members the best way to communicate with your child. Here are some... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Jungle!

Before you know it, the weather will finally warm up and outdoor activities and trips will be easier to accomplish with your little one. Trips to the zoo are always a hit, but before you bring your child out to... Continue Reading →

The Art of Sabotage

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and tricky little leprechauns, using sabotage can be a valuable strategy when expanding your child's expressive language skills. Here are some tips and tricks for using sabotage at home with your little ones.  What... Continue Reading →

What’s That Noise?

Regardless of age, children love to figure out what different noises are in their environment. Using environmental noises in your home, at the store, and out in your neighborhood can be a fun way to highlight listening for both new-language... Continue Reading →

1, 2, 3 Build With Me!

Building with blocks and other building toys can be a fun activity for children of all ages. Here are a few ways to explore blocks and other building toys with your child while supporting the growth of their listening and... Continue Reading →

Websites We Love!

Online resources are one great way to gain new information, connect with other families, and find answers to any questions you may have. Here is a brief list of some of our favorite online resources for families of children with... Continue Reading →

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