Although winter hats may dampen sound, wearing a hat is better than having constant wind noise being amplified by the microphone, or the device getting wet from snow or rain.  But, we all know that wearing a winter hat with hearing aids or cochlear implants can be tricky! Ever wonder about how to make winter hats work with your child’s cochlear implant or hearing aids? Here are some tips!

  • Buy winter hats one or two sizes larger so their hearing aid or cochlear implant (CI) or can fit underneath.
  • Go for a slouchy fit hat instead of a beanie style if your child wears CIs. These are less likely to knock off the magnet underneath.
  • Earmuffs may be better than a hat depending on the style of the child’s cochlear implant processor.
  • Consider trying a FM system or mini mic (if you have them) when your child is wearing their winter hat.