Regardless of age, children love to figure out what different noises are in their environment. Using environmental noises in your home, at the store, and out in your neighborhood can be a fun way to highlight listening for both new-language learners and those a bit more experienced. See what noises interest your kiddo, and have fun playing with sounds!

Presence vs. Absence of Sound:

For young babies and newly amplified children a wonderful activity is drawing attention to sounds that you hear during your daily activity. When you hear something, stop and take a moment to draw attention to the sound and then find the source. For example, the rumble of the washing machine might catch your attention. Draw your child’s attention to the noise as well, and then take a moment to find the source of the sound together.

Take a Listening Walk

This is a great activity for children of all ages. Take a walk around your neighborhood and listen for sounds you hear and then bring your child’s attention to them. You might hear a car driving down the street, the neighbor’s dog barking in the yard, or the beep-beep-beep of a garbage truck backing up. Turn it into a fun exploration of noises they hear! You can even take a listening walk around your home, quietly walking while listening for the sounds of the refrigerator running, the microwave beeping, or a car outside.

Sound Detection Game:

A game can be a fun way to get your child excited about listening for sounds – and a wonderful way to train older toddlers for audiology testing in the booth. Find a favorite toy – anything from a ring stacking toy to a basketball hoop, and make up a game where your child does an action when they hear a sound. An example of this might be your child rolling a car down a ramp each time they hear you say a sound. Use the Ling-6 sounds (ah, oo, ee, ss, sh,mm) or make up silly sounds of your own!