We are happy to welcome returning and new families to the Parent-Infant Program! Meeting new people is something your child experiences on a daily basis. The following are some ways to help promote the development of social skills and encourage getting to know new people. 

Eye Contact

  • Play games such as peek-a-boo or other silly games that use funny facial features and imitation (e.g. stick out tongue, pull ears, etc.)
  • Explore playing with a mirror. Smile, wave, do “high fives”.
  • Encourage your child to make eye contact during “conversations”. Even if your child is not yet speaking/signing, gain their eye contact when you are speaking to them.


  • Conversational Turn-Taking: Listen to your child talk and provide them with a response or question. Even if your child is not yet speaking/signing real words, respond to their babbling with questions or comments. “Oh, you like the applesauce, yum! Do you want some more?”
  • Interactive Turn-Taking: Engage in activities such as rolling a ball back and forth or taking turns blowing bubbles.

Greeting & Naming

  • Practice greeting family members by name. Have one family member hide behind a door and knock. Another adult can encourage the child to ask, “Who is it?” or provide a model by asking this question for the child. Once the hidden family member has spoken his/her name, open the door and say, “Hi (name)!” Repeat and take turns hiding behind doors and knocking for as long as your child is interested.