Technology issues are a part of life…but tech issues with your child’s cochlear implants or hearing aids can be especially frustrating. Here are some quick tips to help you get everything back in working order! 

For All Devices: 

  • Check the whole system – Ling Six Sound Check (oo, ee, ah, ss, sh, mm)
  • Make sure the device is turned on (don’t laugh; this happens)
  • Check the batteries. Are they fully charged and inserted correctly and/or expired?
  • Make sure the device is on the correct program

Hearing Aids:

  • Check tubing to be sure it is not cracked or clogged with moisture (shown by water or condensation in the tube)
  • Check ear mold to be sure that the sound bore is not clogged with wax
  • Check to make sure there is not corrosion on the battery or in the battery door
  • Use the listening stethoscope to check sound quality

Cochlear Implants:

  • Check the sound processor; is it switched on, is the volume set correctly?
  • Check the microphone; use listening earphones to check sound quality and replace microphone covers if necessary
  • Check the cables; are the cables twisted, frayed or broken?
  • Check the transmitting coil/headpiece; check the light indicator on the processor or remote control