With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering what gifts to get your little one. Here are some of our favorites. 

Make Your Own! 

Sensory Bottles (pictured above)

Sensory Boards


Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.21.10 PM
Colored Pasta for Beading


Our Favorites!

0-6 months old

High Contrast Books

Wrist Rattles

6-12 months old

Board Books

Sensory and Grasping Caterpillar

Rolling Bug

12-24 months old

Play Cube

Painting Textures

24-36 months old

Marble Run

Play Food

Toys to Avoid! 

Some toys are too noisy that they are damaging to your child’s ears–check out the 2017 Noisy Toy list. Other noise making, high-tech toys can be so loud that they make it difficult for your child to hear you talking to them. Remember, your child needs the clearest language model to learn to talk!