There are a wealth of resources available for children for distance learning during this time of staying at home, but most are targeted toward older children. We thought it might be helpful if we share a few of our favorite preschool appropriate resources with you!

Do you have any favorite resources you’ve been using during this time? Please comment on this post and share your ideas! 

Having trouble explaining social distancing or COVID-19 to your kiddos? This Social Story is a cute preschool friendly way of explaining why we must social distance and features a cuddly little bear, and this Illustrated Guide explains more about COVID-19 for kiddos with questions!   

Looking for new and exciting ways for your kiddo to explore books? Animated picture books on Vooks might be the perfect thing. They offer 1 month free! ($4.99/month after free trial). View on a phone, tablet, laptop, or even stream to your TV!

Needing an indoor movement break? Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga for kid-friendly yoga videos or Go Noodle Games which is a kids movement app!  

Looking for a couple of kid-friendly apps to work on language skills?  My Play Home is an interactive home environment where your child can click to open curtains, turn on the TV, and move the characters. It’s a fun way to have your kiddo follow directions or label the things they see!  Another fun app for little kiddos is Peek-A-Boo Barn. Tap on doors to find hidden farm animals and listen for their animal sounds! Another favorite is TocaBoca – they have lots of interactive apps that you can use to work on developing language.  

Wanting to find ways to continue learning American Sign Language? The SignIt curriculum is a fun way to learn ASL at home. Parents can apply for free access! Want to watch popular children’s books in ASL? The Deaf Professional Arts Network (DPAN) website is compiling native ASL users signing kids books! Or you can follow the hashtag #operationASLstorytime on Instagram!  

Yearning for ways to connect with other parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children? Check out The Fostering Joy Project! It’s a parent/professional effort celebrating the joy of raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH).  Join the parents-only Fostering Joy Facebook Group to connect with other parents, or follow on instagram @dhhfosteringjoy. 

Looking for other Instagram accounts to follow? Here are some of our favorites! 

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