Experience books can be a great way to pre-teach vocabulary for an upcoming event or trip, or review and reflect on something that happened in the past. Reading aloud with your little ones increases their language and literacy skills and kids love reading stories that feature their favorite person – themselves! Include photos and text to make the story exciting to read again & again. 

What materials do I need? 

Blank board books of different sizes can be purchased through Bare Books! We love these because they are durable. However you can create an experience book using regular paper, laminated paper, cardboard pieces, paper bags, or even a soft picture album. Keep it simple and see what works for you! The more pictures you can use the better!

What should I focus on? 

Here are some ideas for topics you can include in an experience book – but really anything that interests your child can be a great topic to focus on!

Family Members: Experience books are a fun way to expose your child to the names of important people in their lives: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Siblings, Pets, you name it!

Favorite Toys: Does your child have favorite toys they love to play with? Take pictures of them playing with their preferred toys and make a story about that. It’s a fun way to reflect on real-life experiences with them.

Daily Routines: Mealtime, bath time, walking to the farmer’s market…any of your regular routines can be fun to highlight in an experience book. Include new vocabulary related to the routine!

Friends at school/daycare: Make a book with photos of the children your child plays with at school or daycare so you can talk about them and practice their names at home.

Documenting a fun activity you did together: Did you work together to plant flowers in the garden, or bake a cake for somebody’s birthday? Take photos of the experience and make them into a story to read together!

Trips/Traveling:  Looking for ways to make an experience book related to traveling? Check out our post ‘Tis the season…for traveling!

Preparing for Changes: Do you have a new baby on the way, will you be moving to a new house, is your child moving from the crib to a big-kid bed? Experience books are a great way to prep for life changes with your little ones.