Parent Infant Program – The River School

For parents and their young children (birth – three) with hearing loss


Weekly Sessions

The Power of Words

What we say, and how we say it, is so important for children's language development. Very young children learn new vocabulary through repetitive input during engaging experiences.  Children with hearing loss need even more exposure to language and concepts before... Continue Reading →


Embedding Reading in Daily Routines

Reading aloud with your little ones helps strengthen their language and literacy skills in more ways that you might realize. The rhythm, rhyme and repetition in children's stories help your child connect meaning to sounds and words. As you read... Continue Reading →

Holiday Happenings

Many of your children will be experiencing a variety of ‘firsts’ this holiday season. Your cameras will be busy as they help bake and decorate cookies or open gifts. As celebrations come to a close, you can continue to use... Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Giving

With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering what gifts to get your little one. Here are some of our favorites.  Make Your Own!  Sensory Bottles (pictured above)     Our Favorites! 0-6 months old High Contrast Books Wrist Rattles... Continue Reading →

Noisy Toy List

There are some toys out there that are so noisy that they can cause additional hearing loss or can be painful for your little one to hear. Check out the Sight & Hearing Association's Noisy Toys List of 2017 shown below. It lists... Continue Reading →

Optimizing Listening: Ling 6 Sound Checks

"Did they hear that?" This is a question you may be asking yourself frequently if your child uses hearing aids or cochlear implants. Especially in the early weeks and months it will take careful observation to determine if your child is detecting sounds.... Continue Reading →

Sensory Exploration: Seeing, Smelling, Squishing

Do you ever wonder why everything ends up in the mouth of your little one? Or why it seems like a bath is needed after almost every mealtime? Young children learn about their world by exploring it with their senses.... Continue Reading →

Making Your Home Listening Friendly

We know how important it is to provide children with hearing loss language-rich environments at home and at school. The next step is making sure that those environments are optimized to make listening as easy as possible for your children.... Continue Reading →

Communication Options

Throughout your journey navigating the world of hearing loss, you will learn about various paths that will teach language to your child. It may seem that some providers, family members, friends or even strangers have strong opinions about which option... Continue Reading →

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