Parent Infant Program – The River School

For parents and their young children (birth – three) with hearing loss



Let’s Go For a Walk!

Spring is here! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and your child is ready to explore! The best way to promote your child's language is to talk/sign with them and expose them to a wide variety of concepts and experiences.... Continue Reading →

SPRING into Spring!

Spring is finally here! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and we are spending more time outside with our little ones. Here are some fun ways to incorporate language and listening into your springtime activities: Activities: Pretend Play:... Continue Reading →

Optimizing Listening: Ling 6 Sound Checks

"Did they hear that?" This is a question you may be asking yourself frequently if your child uses hearing aids or cochlear implants. Especially in the early weeks and months it will take careful observation to determine if your child is detecting sounds.... Continue Reading →

Making Your Home Listening Friendly

We know how important it is to provide children with hearing loss language-rich environments at home and at school. The next step is making sure that those environments are optimized to make listening as easy as possible for your children.... Continue Reading →

Communication Options

Throughout your journey navigating the world of hearing loss, you will learn about various paths that will teach language to your child. It may seem that some providers, family members, friends or even strangers have strong opinions about which option... Continue Reading →

The Auditory Sandwich

One of our favorite resources is Boys Town National Research Hospital. The "Hearing Services" section of their website has a lot of great information about developing language skills for your deaf or hard of hearing child. The information below about... Continue Reading →

What’s That Noise?

Regardless of age, children love to figure out what different noises are in their environment. Using environmental noises in your home, at the store, and out in your neighborhood can be a fun way to highlight listening for both new-language... Continue Reading →

Listening Development: Using Transportation to Target Learning to Listen Sounds

For children with hearing loss who are learning to listen using hearing aids, cochlear implants or BAHAs (bone anchored hearing aids), it is important to understand the stages of listening that they will progress through. An understanding of these stages... Continue Reading →

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