Parent Infant Program – The River School

For parents and their young children (birth – three) with hearing loss



Developing Early Speech

Does your child drop final sounds in their words? Does your child substitute sounds in words (‘doddy’ for ‘doggy’)? Is your child nonsensically babbling with a few real words here and there? If so, these are all a normal part... Continue Reading →

The Art of Sabotage

Using sabotage can be a valuable strategy for expanding your child's expressive language skills. What is sabotage exactly? Here is some more info on the art of sabotage and some tips and tricks for using sabotage at home with your little... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Routines as Language Opportunities

Doing the Laundry - Prepositions (IN/OUT/UNDER) Using your kiddo (or a stuffed animal) put them IN the basket and take them for a short ride! Tell your child “IN! You are IN the basket! Ready, set (pause), go!” Take your child... Continue Reading →

Move with Me: Yoga

Thank you to Rhiannon Landesberg for joining Parent-Infant and sharing ways in which parents can practice yoga with their babies and toddlers! Benefits of Yoga for Babies & Toddlers Babies are natural yogis! They develop through yoga poses, which can... Continue Reading →

Music is Amazing!

(Topic content provided by special guest Amanda Wittman, MA, CCC-SLP) Using music in your routines can help your babies: Develop Social Skills Singing the Hello song promotes eye contact, waving, acknowledging peers, etc. Learn Melody and Intonation All children benefit from... Continue Reading →

SHAKE, RING, BANG! Developing Music Appreciation

Many parents of young children with hearing loss often wonder whether or not their child will be able to fully appreciate music. While for some the appreciation comes sooner than others, music remains an excellent way to promote listening and... Continue Reading →

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