Parent Infant Program – The River School

For parents and their young children (birth – three) with hearing loss


sign language

Water Play!

As the weather warms up, there will be many days you'll want to spend time at the pool, in the sprinklers, or even at the beach. You might be wondering about how to manage your child's hearing aids and/or cochlear... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go For a Walk!

Spring is here! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and your child is ready to explore! The best way to promote your child's language is to talk/sign with them and expose them to a wide variety of concepts and experiences.... Continue Reading →

Bikes & Scooters & Helmets, Oh My!

Outdoor play and exploration is a part of being a kid, and so is exploring wheeled vehicles such as tricycles, scooters, balance bikes and more! Here are some tips and tricks for exploring the outdoors with your kiddos including advice... Continue Reading →

Communication Options

Throughout your journey navigating the world of hearing loss, you will learn about various paths that will teach language to your child. It may seem that some providers, family members, friends or even strangers have strong opinions about which option... Continue Reading →

The Auditory Sandwich

One of our favorite resources is Boys Town National Research Hospital. The "Hearing Services" section of their website has a lot of great information about developing language skills for your deaf or hard of hearing child. The information below about... Continue Reading →

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